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School Facts
School: Jefferson High School

Address: 720 Rockfellow Dr,
Mt Shasta, CA 96067

Telephone: (530) 926-0425

FAX: (530) 926-0586

District: SUHSD

Principal: Jessica Bowman

Superintendent: Mike Matheson

Year School Established: 1992

Year of Last WASC Review: April 2011

Grade Levels Served: 9th - 12th (age 16+)

Current Enrollment: 26 students
About Us
Jefferson High School (JHS) is a public continuation high school serving the needs of students sixteen through eighteen years old. JHS is located in Mt. Shasta (population 3,650), CA on the western slopes of 14,192-foot Mt. Shasta in south Siskiyou County. Jefferson High School is one of five high schools in the Siskiyou Union High School District. The District serves students in four distinct rural communities in Siskiyou County and total enrollment for the district is approximately 695 students

As a continuation high school, Jefferson High School has an open entry – open exit enrollment policy, flexible scheduling and variable credit for students who are seeking and/or are in need of an alternative to the traditional high school program. In addition to its academic core classes, Jefferson High School offers a Regional Occupation Program (ROP) Natural Resources course.

The school began in 1992 in a local church building and moved to its present location adjacent to Mt. Shasta’s Shastice Park in 1993. The campus consists of four classrooms, a small library/multipurpose room, and a greenhouse. Due to the large geographic area that Siskiyou Union High School District serves, JHS has a satellite campus on the grounds of Happy Camp High School.

JHS typically has a fairly consistent student enrollment of approximately 25-35 students with a certificated staff of four part-time teachers. One part-time principal and one part-time principal’s secretary serve as administration.